3D Digital design presented a lot of work at the 2015 ImagineRIT festival!

Virtual Arcade: Students from the Real Time Design class (Assistant Professor Shaun Foster) presented their interactive 3D levels. These levels were designed by students combining 3D graphics, Shading, Lighting and Interactive design principles using the Unreal 4 game engine.


Biodrill – Anerobic digestion through simulation: Assistant Professor Shaun Foster participated in this interactive presentation of educational simulator and card game. Funded by an NSF grant and working in collaboration with Biodrill, Jessica Bayless, Project Lead.

Lab Aids: Students from the Service Project class with their client David Halbstein created 3D visuals demonstrating STEM learning activities connected to the Lab Aids set of learning tools.


Dichotomy (Web Auditorium): 3DDD Thesis students Alex Berkowitz, Melissa Landon, Aaron Smith-Bernard presented their work in progress game. The action multi-player first person shooter featured custom characters, weapons and environments all created by students in the program.


Augmented Reality VIP Passes: Coordinated by David Halbstein, coordinated production by 3DDD students of Augmented Reality VIP passes.


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