3DDD Student Matt Tidridge received an Outstanding Undergraduate Scholar award. Presented to students who have received between a 3.85 and 4.0 GPA while also achieving in other areas.

An additional article about Matt’s achievement was featured here

For more examples of Matt’s look at the bottom of this post.

Matt distinguished himself working on the 2014 Augmented Reality tourism grant as the Student Content Lead with Professor Foster; “FLIP For History”. He produced multiple Augmented Reality activities, visited various sites and coordinated with Professor Foster, user interface designers and programmers for this project.

Flip for History App

Flip for History App

He also worked with Professor Susan Lakin as the lead visual developer on the 01X Pulse project, an interactive real-time visual performance piece. The Pulse project utilizes the individual heartbeats of an audience as they are exposed to different musical experiences with varied tones and tempos. The data is then collected via a central server and used to create real-time graphics that help not only to visualize each users individual pulse, but the collective heartbeat rhythm of the audience in relation to the music. Matt worked with “Derivative’s Touch Designer” software to generate projected visuals.








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