Published:Unreal Engine 4 Materials Fundamentals by Shaun Foster” March/ April 2017 through Pluralsight, a top publisher of online 3D Training Content.  The content produced consists of series of 30+ videos, with (over) 4 hours of training (plus quizzes and resources)!

Talks:  I presented at the TCC Online conference: “Keeping up with Educational Convergence: Virtual Reality & Internet of Things” Please click on the link to read more about my talk!  This (virtual) international conference had great attendance from around the world.

I’ll also be presenting at the EDULEARN 2017 Conference (remotely) in Spain In June.  My paper/talk will discuss the implications and strategies I’ve been using for adapting and “Integrating Virtual Reality Into 3D Design Curriculum”.


  • Real Time Characters
  • Physical Interface Design
  • Senior Thesis
  • Grad Thesis Committees

Grant Work:  Working on several grants (one looks promising), I’ve also worked on multiple committees (chairing one).
I’m looking forward to doing more Virtual Reality research with the HTC Vive this summer.  I’ll be focusing on a project with investigates “Mediated Reality Convergence” using the new Vive Tracker!  (as well as other electronics components)

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