The two images below represent the strongest submitted projects for the first assignment in the hard surface modeling course. Below is the project description and parameters.

The theme of the first project is hybridization. You will create a robot constructed out of nurbs that uses as inspiration a combination of two different animals. Choose animals from different two different classifications such as birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, fish and insects. Try to use functional characteristics of the animals in the robot design. For example, a robot based on a kangaroo could have a pouch where weapons or tools are stored. You should also do research on elements such as the hinges or joints that you will be building. For example, go to Lowes or Home Depot to look at what is available. Restoration Hardware’s website may provide inspiration. Research historical examples of industrial design.

The objectives of this project are to gain expertise in describing 3d form using nurbs modeling techniques as well as employing solid design.

-upload at least 20 images that reflect the research you did for this project
-use two different animals as design inspiration
-create a sketch of your model. Whether or not you make orthographic view are up to you.
-create a blocking model that is to be used as a 3d thumbnail sketch of your form
-only nurbs geometry is to be used
-the geometry to should be modeled for proper functionality (ie. a ball joint should have a cavity it fits in)


Nicholas Golden


Thomas Walker

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