The 3DDD program is fairly new with the first class graduating in 2012 with only 4 students.  Here’s a sampling of where the graduates work (or go to school) now:

Kirk Lansman – Character Technical Director @ Dreamworks Animation (How to train your Dragon 2)

Ryan Albiez – CAD Artist – Magenta Jewels

Daniel Pise – SenovvA, Inc; Special Event Resources

Michelle Hassell – grad assistant, Univ of North Texas

Yuya Takeda – Supereye, Japan

Kate McFadden – Technical Director – Moonbot Studios

Madeleine Rabil – Darkwind Studios, Bethesda Softworks

Rachel Orosz – Quality Assurance Analyst – Kixeye

Joel Ogden – grad student @ CMU

Anthony Castaneda – Lead Systems Engineer @ Three Wire Systems

Randy Mappus – Tarrant County College, Northeast Campus

Matt Burns – Brickyard VFX

Nick Sirianni – Fraternal Composite Service, Utica, NY

Peter Hill – U of Wyoming – rsh on developmental effects of off the shelf video games on children

Tim Turner – The Royal Group – display and packaging

Christopher Dandrow – 7-News – WWNY/WNYF

Eric Kimberly, Richard Borba, Michael Borba – Asylum project

Tyler Ordiway and Ryan Albiez – internship at

Peter Hill – coop – itTechCamps

Justin Coburn –

Nick Nicely

  • Combat Medical Systems – they are the sole distribute for Combat Gauze which is Quik Clot (a super awesome hemostatic)
  • A is for Alex

Eric Kimberly – Livid Interactive game co – SF

James Nichols – Prop Artist at Leatharian Studios, Oakland, ME

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